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Are children's toys always not enough?

The puzzle gomoku toy is a good companion for children and you.

Game rules:
1. Black first and white second are placed sequentially. After placement, you can decide whether to rotate the newly placed 9-square chessboard 90 degrees in the forward or reverse direction.
2. After a piece is placed or after the placed piece rotates a 9-square chessboard, the side that first forms a continuous five pieces of the same color in the horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions of the board is the winner.
3. After either side moves the 9-square chessboard, it is a tie if both sides form consecutive five pieces of the same color at the same time, and if neither side has formed five consecutive pieces of the same color after playing, it is also a tie.

The rules of the 3-player game are the same as those of the 2-player game.

1. Each of the two players chooses to play a white ball or a black ball.
2. The player takes turns performing the following actions:
3. Place a color ball of your choice on the game board (required).
4. Rotate any 3x3 gamepad 90° clockwise or counterclockwise (not required, you can choose not to rotate).
5. The first one to make the five selected balls of color into a straight line is the winner.
A definition of a straight line: it can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

1. The white ball player puts a ball on the game board.
2. Reverse the clock to rotate a 3x3 game disc 90° in the lower left corner
3. Five white balls line up in a straight line. White ball player is the winner

Product description:
Number of players: 2 people
Suitable age: 5 years old or older
Game time: about 15 minutes
Checkerboard size: 16.2*16.2*1.5 CM
Chess size: about 1.6 CM
Number of pieces: 25 pieces of black chess, 25 pieces of white chess
Manual: Multi-language manual

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